I watched you cut off from this world of the living

I was helpless, like a new baby, born into this world

Clouded with sadness, like darkness at night

My eyes sore, filled with tears and face distorted

I watched you in that white muslin and my heart trembled with fear

Of all the dreams we shared together, yours is now at rest forever


I suffered in the hands of grief

And a continues whips of pain flow all over me, till the day of interment

As you left without saying goodbye

A new atmosphere of sadness evolved around me, I was tormented


My heart and body heavy like a loaded truck,

I accompany you, to your final resting place

My heart stripped of its happiness at that moment

As you take your place beneath the soil

Your passing away is indeed an awful tragedy


Ever since your departure to the afterlife

I live my life on questions

Why, Why, Why? Always

Oh brother, my friend, my confidence

Do you have to leave this early?

What kind of a journey is this?

Will you ever accomplish your dreams in the afterlife?

Will I ever see you again?

Perhaps yes, perhaps not

Oh my brother, my friend, my confidence

Your fall is indeed death

An early death, a sunset at dawn


  1. Writing on such a topic is difficult. You feel that your words cant capture a percent of how you feel. But it is so therapeutic to try. I wrote two pieces after the passing of my Father. They are so special to me. Reading this was special too. A beautiful piece.

  2. Its always taking me to another level when i read your poem…i felt like i’m in the poem as i read through it…

  3. Whenever I visit your blog, this is the one that comes into mind. It’s really one that gives me a, somehow ‘rude awakening’ of life. And it’s deeply haunting too at the same time. Keep on writing ~ (:

  4. Very heartfelt and touching. I can feel your emotions emanating from these words. I can feel that this bond was a very strong one. Very sorry for your loss, but wish you all the best in life.

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