Africa to an unknown land

Our brothers dragged

Barefooted and naked

Eyes wide, white pleading

Body covered with marks of whips

Heavy chains dangling from their body

As they arrive their dreadful destination

In a dark hole, of a black ship


Body worn-out as they are auctioned like a commodity

Exchanged for gold and life belonging to another

Then, journey of tragedy they embarked

As starting first, from dawn

In the sizzling heat of the afternoon

They work and suffer

Till past the setting sun

Having no control over their very own life

They do only as been told

Working round the clock, seven days a week

Their skin absorbing the heat of the sun

Leaving it as black as midnight


Humiliated in the hands of their keepers

Agonies of torture they endure

They work and ached with tiredness

As labor is their everyday chore

To them life is unfair

Their suffering grows from bad to worst in the passage of time

In their tongue, lingers the foreign word


For only they, can tell the feeling of pains

As each day, they sat through nights and nights with pains

Enduring the pain of all those wintry nights

The pungent smell of their burning flesh                                                                                           

Making them feel raging wrath

Praying and waiting for the mystery






23 thoughts on “CAPTIVE SLAVES

  1. Soulful! Impeccable.
    Sad it’s still exist maybe not mostly in action but words are also deeper and brings pain. Somehow felt the pain in every words you echoed but not the deep cut it truely brings to those who cries for freedom! Yes, Prayers Indeed!

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