ABC Of Me In Words

A:  ACE: – I’m good at what I do (poetry), when I’m with pen and paper, I’m William                                 Shakespeare in disguise

B: BOLD: – I’m fearless and adventurous as I embark on this journey of discovered talent (poetry)

C: COURAGEOUS: – I face and do anything with heroism

D: DEFENSIVE: – criticisms all, falls behind my walls when it comes to my private life, for I live on my own principles

   DEDICATION: – I’m dedicated to my religion and its teachings

E: ELEGANT: – I’ve got taste and style, as my appearance speaks for me

F: FAITHFUL: – with me, if you’re my woman, you don’t have to be doubtful of our relationship, for I’m a one woman at a time person regardless

G: GENEROUS: – IN CASH: I have, I give, we live

                                      IN KIND: To those suffering, I render a helping hand and a soothing hugs and words that will put a smile on their faces

   GIFTED: – When I write, my words are timeless

H: HUMOROUS: – When I talk, I’m like a comedian on the stage for I try to put smiles on people’s faces

I: INDEPENDENT: – I live on my terms; I control and provide for myself

   IMPERFECT: – Despite being me, I still have defects

J: JOVIAL: – I always find myself in bright and pleasant mood

K: KIND: – strangers, known, I show love

L: LITERATE: – I can read and write

M: MUSE: – I’ve got poetry in me

     MINDFUL: – I take note of what I do or involve myself

N: NURTURING: – I do that to the young ones, as in them lies the future

   NIGERIAN: – I fly the green white green

O: ORPHAN: – I lost my dearest dad at a tender age

P: POET: – I write my words to share my experiences with the world encourage and warn people through writing

    PERSISTENT: – I chase my dreams; I never back down regardless of whatever

Q: QUARTERBACK: – In the field of play (football) I mastermind the play of my team

R: RESERVED: – I talk less, even so, only when it’s necessary

    ROMANTIC: – When a woman is with me, she surely will feel on seventh heaven

S: SECRETIVE: – You whisper to my ear, I die with it

   SENSITIVE: – I respond perceptively to anything

T: TALL: – I’m 6 feet 9 inches

U: UNIQUE: – I’m different, as every individual is, on his ways

V: VALUABLE: – To my mother, I’m happiness and the world

    VIVACIOUS: – Full of fun, when you get to know me

W: WISE: – I’m knowledgeable enough to know that this world of ours is changing

X: XENO: – I’m a stranger in this precious world

     XENOPHILE: – I like people, customs and cultures of other countries

Y: YOUNG: – I’m 22 years of age

Z: ZEALOUS: – Eager to see or complete anything that cross my path, regardless



8 thoughts on “ABC Of Me In Words

  1. Hi……Thanks for visiting my blog (Th0ughtscape). Your poems are so deep and soulful…..I look forward to reading more of them. You are truly gifted. Happy Writing!

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