Ambiguous and mystifying

Vague and ambivalent

If you desire it, youโ€™re at war

Addictive like a drug

Once into it, it becloud you

Many use it to suppress

For few that use it in good ways

Happiness does create

It comes in different forms

To some, it is guns

Others see it as the ability to read and write

To many, it is money

That trapped beast waiting to be set lose

It is controllable by the wise only

But once it engulfs you

It tears you apart

It does not have any abode

It is ubiquitous

It is two sided once acquired

Either you dictate it or it does you

For he is a dictator.

8 thoughts on “THE DICTATOR (POWER)

  1. I really like this, it explains it well. The different aspects of power, meanings, effects and dangers of having it. The last three lines finish it off nicely too.

  2. nice poem… you have a lot! i wish i could go through and like them all. I will tell you that I enjoy every one i have read so far… keep going my friend, it is good to read, and touching

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