So alarming, the world of today

Serious and shocking events have become everyday news

Bombs set off in public places

People abducted, ransoms put on their heads

All for the love of money


It makes me form thoughts, is our generation possessed by evil spirits?

Women and men past middle age, mugged in broad daylight

Religious groups back factions in war, as politicians charged in genocide

Religious leaders exploiting young people sexually


Oh this generation, what have you all turned this 21st century into?

Poverty up and running, like a determined athlete

Our beautiful forests stripped, for commercial ventures

Woodlands laid bare by the poor in search for food, left looking like an undecorated room

Natural groundwater polluted, unsafe to drink


It saddened my heart

In the name of modern technologies, our air choked with pollution as the modern machines excretes

Corporate greed leading to business collapse, leaving millions jobless

Fraud setting it pace, causing investors to lose life savings


I feel helpless

That, I can’t catch up with the growth of poverty, as it grows swiftly at speed like a rocket on a mission

Making about 10 million people go to bed hungry regularly


I always wander in questions

What has this century turned into?

Yet, emergence of my answer is still a mystery

As violence continue to plants it seeds here and there

From Africa to Asia, South America to North America

Europe to Australia, not sparing the Antarctica

Mothers losing their sons, as number of widows continue to rise

The globe is all engulf by terrorism


Engulf in sorrow always, as I watch

Pestilence and other illness continue to open their mouth, to swallow us all

AIDS becoming the most remarkable pandemic in human records of events

Yet, continues involvement in fornication and adultery never seize

Thus, bringing frequent news of earthquakes here and there

Could this be the approach of the last day?

Or is it indeed, crucial periods hard to deal with?

Perhaps I can’t answer this, as the answer still remains a mystery


In solitude

I weep, for the bliss of the world seems death

The new world

It looks void and empty

Many people looking weak and greedy

For thousand dreams have fled

And million hopes have died

To few, existence has no reason

And in every tongue, a question lies

What’s to life?








  1. Powerful and strong words….and encrypted in blantant truth. Woe to our generation really. At times i have felt i was born in the wrong era…coz it hurts so much to see such misery. May God help us.

    1. No Dr, everything happens for a reason, maybe you’re meant to witness the era and impact changes. Think about it, you’re a muse and your words are messages :). May God help us! Thank you

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