Walking through the street of life

Challenges encountered

I began to think

A man can accomplish anything his heart desires

For to progress in life, it calls for a pressing forward

Determination, the gateway to distinction


Problems faced, stones thrown at me like a pronounced adulterer

I never fail to put my all

Zeal, a dynamic force of achievement in life

For it brings light out of the darkness

And vision to reality


Sitting on the stage of life

Dreams drenched, like a soaked cloth

Suddenly, it occur to me

Diligent hands bring wealth

A voice in my head commanded

Do your work and never follow vain persons

As there is no substitute for hard work

If you are not a worker

You will be a beggar


Living on lies

Sitting on the lap of luxuries of friends

Then, the truth dawned on me

Those who don’t take life seriously don’t accomplish much

Things don’t work, until you start working

As living without working is dying without knowing


In a dark room, I find myself in emotional cage

With my secrets, thinking of suicide and burying my secrets along

A little gleaming, glittering light find its way into the room

With echoing words, it urged me

Confide in others, as it ally’s pain

And presence of others in your life maybe fortuitous

Perhaps, they are that wonderful light

The light that can never be put out




      1. I take time out to write comments only when i really enjoy a post or blog. You have a wonderful one here bro. Like i said b4 keep up the good work!

  1. I have read several of your poems and admire your work. Please, continue this journey you have begun and you will be rewarded. Looking forward to more of your poems.

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