Down and my soul weary

Clouded with troubles and my heart weak

I never loss hope

Looking opaque and my path murky

Struggling to survive, hidden in shadows

I aspire

Trying to make myself known

Craving desperately for love

Put down by people with cruel intent

But I was so inspired

Depressed and thinking negative

Voice soaked in emotions and with gloomy face always

I remain firm and unwavering in my purpose

My wall brought down by severe people of nasty purpose

Held hostage by circumstances, despair and in thought of suicide

But without fail, I rose for I was persistent

I was the scorn of the community, and my life thwarted

But faith and hope kept me moving

I have crossed that ocean of problems

I ran fast past that hurricane of depression

Now I am walking on water, living my dream



12 thoughts on “THROUGH STRUGGLES

  1. So beautifully expressed. You are a natural uno. I have been through this situation and still struggling to pull myself out of difficult circumstances. I can relate.

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