Proud, greedy and lazy

Enemies in disguise

Hard, cruel and violent

Wolves in sheep clothing

Heart full of hate

As their views are evil beyond repair

Acting like they care

But deep down evil prevail

Heart dark as night

Those beasts


They have treated me thus;

My pains, their happiness

My failure, their greatest achievement

Demons among humans

Treacherous vermins

With garrulous tongue

They act with no remorse

Wicked and with cruel intent

They have turned into walls impeding my path

Striving hard to tear me into pieces

And see me turn to dust

To immobilize and cut me from moving

Those beasts


Their lifelong plan is to see me lifeless

Treating me negatively

Treatment inhuman

Cruel words said to me every passing day

Praying and waiting to see me breathless

Along, my dreams

Those beasts


Sometimes I wonder

Who am I?

A small town boy

Trying to become a man

Why are these beasts treating me thus?

Am I destined for something great?

Does the future have something big in store for me?

That, I have no clue

Perhaps they do

Those beasts









About Muhammed Bello Usman

IT Specialist

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  1. d future is 4 those who’re prepared

  2. I don’t know if I like this poem because of the language you used or because I can relate to it very much.

    Keep up the great work. I really like this poem. Believe me 😀

  3. This is ghud….

  4. I believe in one and another person life`s period this poem decribes struggle through reality. Very nice written!

  5. very nice poem NU!!

    Keep the good work coming!

    Greetings from Delhi!

  6. love this! really powerful piece!

  7. Yes, it is powerful, and painful. Nice strong writing.

  8. drsuraiyanasim

    Very hard-hitting. Such behaviour among so-called friends arise from jealousy. Always remember if THEY are trying to pull you down…it means you are way above them. Excellent expression of hurt.

  9. I love the “Wolves in sheep clothing” line.

  10. Seems friends have given you a fine experience which has made you to write an excellent piece of a poem. Actual life experiences teach us much and puts life in our writings.

    • Indeed they’ve given me a fine experience, and to not forget it, i decided to write in words, for written words are timeless. Thank you Khajuria. Appreciate! 🙂

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