In many different shapes and forms it comes

Some wish it was a sickness with a dose of medication to cure

It’s a major problem none of us like or need

People always in despair

For it is around them everywhere

For many equality and respect seems impossible to win


It leads to only division and war

It has a human heart

An artery of cruelty and death

An intellect of terror and delusion

It has a human mind

With an emotion of extreme savage

It has evil and blood of anger

With imagination of vile ideas and macabre

It has a lip of sorrow, death and hate

With antipathy and a force of pain

It mouth like that of human

With tongue of torture and depravity

And a teeth to kill and of brutal incision


Though we live in so called democracy

But of it chains and pains we never will be free

Because there is no such thing as “fair go for all”

For it presence

Others feel superior and differentiate

And against those who are different

They discriminate


But like they say

Sheer ignorance is bliss

We will endure

We will be brave

We will hold strong our believes

For we have faith and hope

In the future, the next generation

That the era of the present shall pass

The era of racism



6 thoughts on “RACISM

  1. You have written on a very important issue here. Racism exists all over the world in all forms. In my country racism is not about color but about which state you belong to or what language you speak. Then there is racism of religion….where my country in struggling with riots and discrimination between minorities and majority…this is a very dangerous form of racism.
    I think our generation is waking upto it and going beyond such stupid sense of differences. I pray to God to make ppl more sensible.

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