The cradle of humanity

Home to great diversity of people and cultures

Land of conspicuous contrast and wild beauty

Beautiful and free

Locality of hopes and dreams

Filled with kindness and love

Potency of the weak

And native habitat of the brave

Beautiful in the day and a jewel at night

With designated mountains and valleys to catch the sight

Place where one find freedom and solace

Voice of the voiceless

Place where the patriots roam

Champions of the depressed

Abode of great leaders, novelist and poets

Nelson Mandela, Chinua Achebe and Wole Soyinka

Home of the nile

Land of true heroes

Laying beneath the soil

And those standing on top of the mountains

Wonderful land that makes us one

My everlasting birthplace

To come from here is a dream many wished

My home, My very home

Africa, Africa

Mama Africa



7 thoughts on “WHERE I COME FROM

  1. wonderful! Oh yes, Africa really has a rich culture. As a biologist, I do know that it has great diversity too and there are several plants and animals that can only be found in Africa.

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