Special to me like a ruby

A gem that she is

I would do anything to protect her, as hen to her chicks

For my fondness of her is powerful and deep like the sea

My feelings for her, high and running fast, even the wind couldn’t keep a pace

Her uniqueness esteem in my eyes, blinded, I couldn’t see anything more pleasing

As with her, I have the perfect bliss

Each glimpse of her, I could feel the freshness of air upon my face and deep down my soul

I look in her picture, no doubt, I see Mona Lisa

I watch her approach me from a distance, my mind fill with thoughts, could she be the incarnation of Cleopatra? As her elegance is exceptional

She smiles and joy runs high over in my heart, as waves of ocean on the shore

She calls me with that name (LOVE), I feel on top of the world and special like the reigning emperor

In my thoughts, a question lays

What could these feelings be?



20 thoughts on “COULD THIS BE LOVE

  1. You are in love, oh my goodness! Every guy in the world should write such sweet verses as these, there should be a class for it or something! What a lucky girl? Does she know you wrote this?

  2. I’ve been wondering the same question… I’ve been thinking the same thoughts and I’ve been making poems for a single person, could this be love?? ❤ ❤ Isaid to myself, surely it is, there couldn't be any other reason but the heart of mankind is truly deceitful, you can never tell… maybe it's just a deep infatuation especially when it feels so new 😀 Lovely poem anyway.

  3. Man… well done! all your feelings for her so well said.. I wish I cud say I wrote this 😛

    Nice! And it’s 100% love.. you got me choked up thinking of my latest crush… 😦

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