A strong wind swept through my house

It was in the middle of the raining season

A weekend and I was home

The day was persistently dark

Strange thing began to happen

Quietly, the darkness rested deeper

Placing it claws around everything

It was about 7 pm

The darkness set deep

I had to put on the light

Good thing, there was power


There I was, grazing upon the line that talked about working yourself up to the challenge

Amid this soothing, elevating inspiration

Was this dark hand falling upon the daylight and snuffing it out

The clouds were definitely heavy with rumbling rain

Ready to pour upon the earth


The winds blew calm

Raising the light satin curtain of the window


But smoothly, like water

I kept reading this word

And the wind kept coming soft and the dark yet loomed

Soon, there was a gush

As fast wind streamed in through the window

I could hear stronger winds cutting through the slits of roofing all around

Trees crackling calmly above me

The roof shook, as air filled it from the outside

It made echoing sounds, like the mumblings of a man trapped


Then it came

First, the clock on the wall came down with a smash

Then water sprayed in through the window

As the rains began to pour

In a blink, I was sprayed with fine drops of water

In a quick moment, I was up to close the windows

As approached, the water poured hard with the wind right over me

Partially blinded from the storming mist of water around the wind

I pressed forward and grabbed the window handles pushing it closed

At that moment I heard loud shattering of glass in room inside

Papers flew, in the midst of the swirling I looked for the book I had dropped on the side table

It was down on the floor, sprinkled with water


As much as I tried, soon I realized I could not catch this storm

The storm was over me

The pictures falling off the wall

How can I catch anything falling?

The wind moved like a mad Angel

Cutting its wing through everything

Bouncing off the wall and bringing down everything

I could not catch it

This Angel was untouchable


As the rain ceased and the storm was gone

I wondered what it would be like to face a hurricane

These strong winds that take down a whole house

I wondered what it was like to be in the centre of the storm

Hidden beneath flimsy tables and hoping the hurricane will hop above the house

It’s like life, very much

But unlike the hurricanes

No one can give you a forecast

You just have to be ready






8 thoughts on “A DAY

    1. Thank you. Your poems are really amazing, i enjoyed reading your work. Looking forward to reading more. Really appreciate you stopping by, come again soon 🙂

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