He was but a simple person
Outgoing, generous, kind and with great mind
Ready to give with all his strength
He would call and give abundantly to the needy
He was born with such a gift of generosity
A gift of friendship
No one could ever take away
He was one of a kind
And that made him so special to mankind
He would stop at nothing to see the needy been provided
For that is his pride and services to humanity
The day I received the news of his passing away
My eyes filled with tears
My mind flooded with memories
The moments he shared together with the people
He has always given and never taken
He has always cared and always shared
At most, he has a happy outlook on life
That gave the people a breath of fresh air
The way he would take his time and listen
And really understand
And if things go down
He would turn them around
The day I received the news
My heart broke, because he has meant a lot
To me and the people and always will
He has given us so much strength and guidance
To follow our dreams and realize them
I wonder how now that he is not here with us
How it will be possible for us to complete
As he is our mentor
Our father
And my special friend
That, I will never forget


19 thoughts on “TRIBUTE TO MY FATHER

  1. A beautiful tribute to someone who comes across as a beautiful human being.
    I am sure he is smiling at you right now, happy that you blossomed into such a good person yourself and to top that, a good poet.

    Keep the good work up.
    I am glad to have come across a lovely person such as you.

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