Its slogan is destruction

It is present everywhere


From Nigeria to Uganda

Ghana to Kenya

From Lesotho to south Africa

And all of Africa


From Thailand to Cambodia

China to Indonesia

India to Georgia

From Sri Lanka to Syria

And all of Asia


From Guyana to Bolivia

Argentina to Columbia

Peru to Brazil

And all of South America


From Finland to Albania

United Kingdom to Austria

And all of Europe


From Cuba to Haiti

Canada to Belize

Saint Lucia to united states of America

And all of North America


From Antarctica to Australia

And all the world

It’s all in people

Their skin soaking up the heat

Leaving it as black as the midnight sky

Eyes wide, white pleading

Begging on the streets



It is the missing link

The consciousness

I see it in those whose selfish acts are destroying society

I see it in all level of humanity

And the question always remain the same

Is this affecting the rich?

As the poor in financial constraint?

The answer remain the same

Yes, there is poverty everywhere


4 thoughts on “POVERTY

  1. Every day we are presented with opportunities to choose. In this choice, we can satisfy ourselves, or we can choose to resonate compassion for someone else. When we make the choice God wants us to, he gives us the gift of answer to help those in need. Don’t think about finding the answer in the energy of “lack of materiality” Be compassion and He will find you to help others.

    this has always helped me in the ways that I am able to give.

      1. 🙂 I am honored that you find my conversation worthy. But remember when you listen to your heart first, your Higher Self will let you know the listening for your highest good!

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