It was a beautiful day

Sun rising and morning flowers blossom

A day long waited

I was the first to wake up

From my bed I jumped up

For I was full of great delight

And there I stood, eyes secure, mouth agape

Full of surprise

For I could not believe

I have made it this far

To a day I have long been looking forward to

A day which I could not describe

As neither special nor great

But, I can say the most memorable April


With the day still bright, the sun shining

I was dressed in a nice cloth

One I have longed to wear all this years

One look at me, you can tell that I have adopted the western culture


Soon, with the mood still on

There comes friends and family

With gifts wrapped and in souvenirs

And there I stood; eyes wide open with surprise all over my face

Saying to myself

This is the greatest birthday of all time


And in no time

There was food, drinks and a bottle of champagne to pop and say hurray

I am 11





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