An unknown place

Hazy and mirage

Place only God knows

A place where you can imagine

Place where you can think of

But you can’t tell anything about

Because you are not sure of nothing about it

To you it is real

But to others it is an illusion

Some use oracle to for see it

Others see it as wondrous and perfect

While others feel as though it is slipping away seamlessly

Some don’t think it

They only live in the present

While others keep grumbling with the past

Some have peeped it with clairvoyance

To some it is filled with wisdom

To others it is filled with trouble

While to others it is uncertain

Some have peeped into it using necromancy

To some it holds a lot of good things

But to others it holds a lot of the opposite

Place where you can say what and who you want to be

But you can’t decide who and what you want to be

Place where some will live in fear

And others will live free

For others it is already dressed

To some it is yet to be dress

While to others, the dress is loosening

A place we all dream to be someday

No matter the outcome and circumstances

That very special place

That is unknown to mankind


6 thoughts on “JOURNEY TO THE FUTURE

  1. This is a wonderful piece! Truly future holds immense things for us to discover… to enjoy… or maybe to fear… but we don’t need to think about it for our God holds our future ^_^ I enjoyed reading it 😀

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