Alone! So alone in my bed

I listen to nightly whispers

Alone in my thoughts

I stand and fight

Alone I pray for rainbow lights

Alone in the morning I wake

I celebrate my joys

I cry out my sadness

I voice out my fears

All alone!

Alone in strength

Alone in good health

I try to understand

Alone I seek knowledge

Alone I try not to be alone

Alone when my time comes

I shall pass

All alone!


4 thoughts on “ALONE

  1. Every night I’m alone too in my bed, but being alone gives me a lot of time to discover myself and create spiritual connection so it ain’t that bad to be alone 😀 Nice poem, I could relate to it 😀

    1. Yes therese, being alone ain’t bad. Its just expression, besides being alone is the best thing that has happened to me, because alone i discovered who i am and alone i do what i do

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