Biggest gift of Allah to us

Candle that burn herself to light our life

The other name of kindness

She who feed us from her blood and milk

Stays sleepless all night holding us

Teach us how to walk

Teach us how to talk

Guide us and secure us

Loves us from start to end

She who gave us her heart…………. Her very soul

She who’s understanding never wavered

The one who dried our tears

She leads us to the path of his love

She who instilled confidence in her children

She who loved us like no other

Who quelled the anger within us

Who drove us to all our practices

She who never forgot our special occasions

She who scrimped and saved for our daily needs

Always the last to eat

And always the first to rise

Her love is that love that knew no limit

Always placed her family before herself

She who was grateful

For every passing acknowledgment

Always instilled in us to be better

Made us believe

We could achieve anything

Mother, mother……….. Mother

You are like no other

You will always remain;

In our hearts

In our deeds

In our thoughts

In our lives

In our prayers

Mother, mother………… Mothers

We love you mothers!


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