Oh! My dear country Nigeria

A country I pledged my loyalty and honesty to

Where are we heading?

The promise was to move forward

But then, I looked here and there

I still see us in same old position

With things getting worst not better

Why, why, why? Is always the question

We are a life full of evil and wickedness

With the rich and high ranked statesmen

Swimming in our money with their families and friends

The poor masses are suffering

Wailing, crying without an answer

Justice is not considered anymore

Honesty is a thing of the past

Graduates engage in fraudulent practices

Youths involve in unscrupulous acts

Bribery, corruption, robbery and mystery

Are the order of the day

And that has kept me wondering

Is Nigeria still Nigeria?

Are we moving forward to the promised Nigeria?

A better future, a better Nigeria

But then, every second that ticks away

The situation grows from bad to worst

War here and there

Bloodshed everywhere

People passing away by the minute

Life is an awful song

Oh! Nigeria


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