Unannounced he comes

Whoever you are

And whatever you may be

Wherever you may be

North south

East or west

He’s always there

Watching, waiting on the stairs

Every time you look ahead or behind

Or reach to pull your window blind

A glint of light that caught the scythe

Even if you could pay a dime

He will never go

The adamant phantom

He will wait until it’s time

For you to hear his fateful chime

Then he will take you swiftly away

It doesn’t have time for you or me

When the time is due for you and me

Because it’s meant for you and me

When it’s time, you will know it has to be

It is a wind that blows at will

And where and when it wills

It does not respect personality

Nor social status

Groans are his landmarks

It is a man’s lot

An unplanned journey


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